Badass and intuitive!

Never question your intuition!

****In case you have not seen the movie, no worries - no spoiler here.**** 


As I sat there in the theater - eyes glued to the screen like a 4-year-old girl watching a Disney Princess film (that's just how much I love female assassin films), I couldn't help but make mental notes of things that resonated with me.  And, things I felt were important for women, in general, to take away from the film.


That said, here are 4 things women should take away from Atomic Blonde:


1. Never, ever, question your intuition. 

Now this might seem an obvious thing - especially for us, women.  But, it's such a crucial thing to always keep in mind.  If something seems off or wrong, then it most likely is!  I've personally made the mistake over and over when I was younger - thinking that what I was feeling was pure paranoia or nonsense.  Nope.  My intuition was always right.  Agent - always listen to your inner badass- she'll never steer you in the wrong direction.


2. No matter what, keep your eye on your goal.

Life will always throw curve balls, obstacles, and distractions your way. Keeping a tunnel vision helps you immediately deal with unforeseen things in a manner that doesn't deviate you from what matters most: keeping your eyes on the prize.  Lorraine, played by Charlize Theron, shows us that in life you must be a warrior - refusing to be defeated, or thrown off your game.


 3.  Be unapologetically you.

I absolutely loved that Lorraine wasn't afraid to be herself.  Without the need to explain at all who she is or why she does what she does.  She's simply the kickass woman she is - no approval needed from anyone.  She's unapologetically true to herself.


4. Take your style with you - wherever you go!

I couldn't write about Atomic Blonde without mentioning Lorraine's killer style.  Lorraine's wardrobe was completely badass!  Being a lover of red, black, white, and all-black, I adored every outfit she wore.  I loved the consistency in her style throughout every scene.  And, she didn't need a huge wardrobe to accomplish it all.  Her items were classic, timeless, and versatile.  When you have style, you don't need to own a lot, you simply create looks with the staples you already have.  No matter where you go, stay true to your personal look.


Reveal Your Mission,


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