I want women to expect more from their clothing!

I want women to focus on quality, not quantity.


Reveal Your Mission™


My mother made a lot of my clothing as a child – pieces made with love that became part of me.  Clothing was special, it meant individuality and self–worth.  This is how I learned to value classic style over trend.


I want women to expect more from their clothing.  To treat their wardrobe as an investment. To focus on quality, not quantity.  Being a minimalist and a lover of simplicity, I want to inspire women to purchase less and love more.


FASHION ASSASSIN is for the creative, badass, and will–powered woman.  The woman who dares to follow her intuition and run her own mission.  

FASHION ASSASSIN is simply about inspiring her to reveal her mission, and run it with style!


And about the name FASHION ASSASSIN?  It comes from my love of female assassin characters and movies – I draw most of my inspiration from them.  The name also comes from my rebellion against fast fashion and the low quality clothing it offers.  I want to help bring quality clothing back – one mini collection at a time.



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